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2 - 30 HP

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  • To view the parts catalog, click on the "PDF" link.
  • All parts catalogs are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. THEY ARE OF NECCESITY QUITE LARGE so please save a copy of your motor's catalog.
  • To view/print the parts catalog you must have PDF reader software installed on your computer.
  • We use PDF- XChange Viewer available here: but most modern browsers include PDF viewing capability

Shaft length notations in the catalogs are as follows:

S = Short Shaft (15")
L = Long Shaft (20")
UL = Ultra-Long shaft (25")

Some catalogs are not listed.
Tohatsu and Nissan are the same motors internally.
If, for example, your Tohatsu is not listed, it will be the same as the corresponding
horsepower & year Nissan motor. The differences are cosmetic.

When noting part numbers from the catalogs, please remove the "-" dashes
when submitting them for pricing via the Quote Form 

e.g.  309-87121-3M would become 309871213M
This saves a lot of time removing them when looking up prices and availability
The dashes are only in the catalogs for easier reading, and are not part of the number itself


Technology Brand Model Starting
Model Year
2 HP
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF2A 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS2A 2006
2.5 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS2.5A 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS2.5A 1996
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS2.5A2 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS2.5A2 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M2.5A2 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF2.5A 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS2.5A 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS2.5B 2009
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS2.5B 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS2.5B 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS2.5B 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS2.5B 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS2.5B 2014
3.5 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5A 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5A 1996
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5A2 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5A2 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M3.5A2 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5B 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5B 1996
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5B2 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS3.5B2 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M3.5B2 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF3.5A 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS3.5A 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS3.5B 2009
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS3.5B 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS3.5B 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS3.5B 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS3.5B 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS3.5B 2014
4 HP
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF4A 1999
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF4A2 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS4A2 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF4B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS4B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS4C 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS4C 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS4C 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS4C 2014
5 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS5B 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS5B 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M5B 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF5A 1998
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF5A 1999
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF5A2 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS5A2 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF5B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS5B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS5B 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS5C 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS5C 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS5C 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS5C 2014
6 HP
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF6A2 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS6A2 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF6B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS6B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS6B 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS6C 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS6C 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS6C 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS6C 2014
8 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS8B 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS8B 1996
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS8B 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS8B 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M8B 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS8A 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF8A2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS8A2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF8A3 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS8A3 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS8A3 2009
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS8A3 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS8A3 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS8A3 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS8A3 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS8A3 2014
9.8 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS9.8B 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS9.8B 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M9.8B 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS9.8A 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF9.8A2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS9.8A2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF9.8A3 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS9.8A3 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.8A3 2009
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.8A3 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.8A3 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.8A3 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.8A3 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.8A3 2014
9.9 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS9.9B2 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS9.9C 1993
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS9.9D2 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS9.9D2 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M9.9D2 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF9.9A 2000
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF9.9B 2001
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF9.9B2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS9.9B2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS9.9B2 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS9.9C NO TRIM 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS9.9C w/TRIM 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.9C 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.9C 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.9C 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.9C 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS9.9C 2014
15 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS15B2 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS15C 1993
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS15D2 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS15D2 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M15D2 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF15A 2000
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF15B 2001
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF15B2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS15B2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS15B2 2006
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF15C 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS15C NO TRIM 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS15C w/TRIM 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS15C 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS15C 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS15C 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS15C 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS15C 2014
18 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS18C2 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS18D 1993
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS18E2 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS18E2 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M18E2 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF18B 2001
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF18B2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS18B2 2004
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS18B2 2006
20 HP
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF20C 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS20C NO TRIM 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS20C w/TRIM 2008
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS20C 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS20C 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS20C 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS20C 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS20C 2014
25 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS25C2 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS25C3 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS25C3 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M25C3 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF25A 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS25A 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS25B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS25B 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS25B 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS25B 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS25B 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS25B 2014
30 HP
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS30A3 1992
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS30A4 1998
PDF 2-Stroke Nissan NS30A4 2003
PDF 2-Stroke Tohatsu M30A4 2003
PDF 4-Stroke Nissan NSF30A 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS30A 2002
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu MFS30B 2005
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS30B 2010
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS30B 2011
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS30B 2012
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS30B 2013
PDF 4-Stroke Tohatsu  MFS30B 2014


We pay the freight out in USA on all orders over $100.00. Orders less than this amount will have a shipping and handling charge of $8.75 added. Some bulky and heavy items will incur additional charges. You will be notified beforehand if this is the case. All orders normally ship via USPS. Remember, all orders receive free technical support from the MasterTech!


Please review our Warranty, Returns & Refunds policies before you place an order.


The information provided on these pages is correct to the best of my knowledge, however the MasterTech makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the use of, results of, or liability created from, application of this data. This information is disseminated in good faith, however MasterTech assumes NO LIABILITY whatsoever in regard to this service. The information, software, products, and services published on this web site may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. Mastertech may make improvements to this site at any time. Parts ordered from this website may or may not be in dealer stock at the time of order. Thank you for reading.