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Boyesen Composite
Performance Reeds



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Boyesen Reeds
Composite Performance Reeds

These kits contain all the reed parts need to replace the reeds in your motor.

You may need new reed block gaskets, which we can supply on request, depending on condition of the originals. Gasket price and quantity required vary depending on the motor in question.

Outboard manufacturers typically have the reeds riveted in placed, and replacements are usually sold only as (expensive) complete reed blocks. The reeds, besides being much less expensive, offer performance gains when accelerating from a stop. The illustration below shows the typical 2-stage design of Boyesen reeds (this drawing is actually typical of Johnson-Evinrude V6  Loop-charged motors but the design concept is common to nearly all of these reeds).
The kit replaces ALL reeds on a motor. Gaskets are not included.


Look for the manufacturer and horsepower on the table below to find your application.
In some cases reeds for a single reed block are illustrated for space reasons but the kit will contain all the reeds for a your motor.
Then, just click the button next to it to add the kit you need to the shopping cart.
BE SURE and submit THE MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER information in the order form
so we can verify the application to your specific motor .

GASKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED but are available on request to match motor.
Kits include ALL REED parts for one motor.
35, 50
thru 1992
1992 Only
THRU 1992
B224 B224
90 "A" models ONLY
thru 1989
B235 B235
B234 B234
120, 125 THRU 1992 B245 B245
120 1993-UP B245 B244
150 "A" models ONLY 1989-1990 B255 B255
150 (Angled Block) 1990-1994
(1990 "B" and "C")
1991-94 ALL
B255F B255F

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