Replacing Old Obsolete Prestolite Starters with
API Marine MOT2005N

API MOT2005N will retrofit the following Prestolite Starters
MDO 4102; MDO 4002; MDW 4002; MDW 4102; MDW 4104
& MDW 4204 by following the procedure listed below

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

The starter on early 18-40 HP, electric start, O.M.C. outboards can be replaced with MOT2005N if the following procedure is used (Figure 6).
Lock the drive assembly in a vise and loosen the stop nut. Remove nut, washer, and spring (Figure 7). Remove the motor from the vise and take off drive assembly.
Carefully pry off the drive cap taking care that the armature does not slip away from the brushes in the commutator cap (Figure 8).
Using a 9/32" drill bit, drill out the thru bolt holes in the drive cap only. This will allow enough play for the starter to bolt up to the bracket (figure 9).

Figure 9

Figure 10

Figure 11

Reverse procedure to reassemble motor. Tighten stop nut to 200 in. lbs. (Figure 10). Bolt motor into bracket and install on engine (Figure 11).

Some of these Prestolite motors have a tail bracket. Since the MOT2005N is shorter, this bracket will no longer be required.